A great big headline to catch some attention, because everyone likes attention

So you understand the roaring wave of fear that swept through the greatest city in the world just as Monday was dawning--the stream of flight rising swiftly to a torrent, lashing in a foaming tumult round the railway stations, banked up into a horrible struggle about the shipping in the Thames, and hurrying by every available channel northward and eastward. By ten o'clock the police organisation, and by midday even the railway organisations, were losing coherency, losing shape and efficiency, guttering, softening, running at last in that swift liquefaction of the social body.

Stop it, stars

Although light from SVO airport and a street lamp made it almost impossible to shoot star trails, still I got something nice. Our house near Krugloe lake, some 20km north of Moscow. 4 hour long shoot finished after 10 minutes. This is why you should study your manuals BEFORE going out.


The Vera island on Turgoyak lake near Miass is a place full of tourists. Yet it’s so peaceful here—you feel like you’re alone. A friendly white cat lives there, though.